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Google AdWords Management Services

Maintenance, Conversion Optimisation, Campaign Audits & Strategy

As AdWords Specialists, our expertise include:

  • Google Search
  • Shopping (PLA) Management
  • Image Ads (Display Network)
  • Remarketing
  • Video Adverts (YouTube)
  • Conversion Optimsation
  • Strategy & Consulting

    With over ten years’ experience working with the AdWords platform for Australian business, Click Click Media has a wealth of experience, focused on growing business through the AdWords platform.


    Our clever campaign build and strategies encourage a high quality and high performing account, driving quality leads into the business whilst improving cost per conversion. Our AdWords management gives business the utmost control for business growth, ensuring smart scalability.

    Paying too much for your online sales?

    Get help from our AdWords experts today. Work with an experienced PPC and AdWords managers that has over 10 years’ experience and managed thousands of campaigns from start-ups right through to blue-chip household brands.

    If you’re currently seeing poor performance from your campaigns then contact us now to speak to one of our Adwords Management experts! Our team are more than happy to have an obligation free discussion about your business – we’ll even help identify key problems with your current campaign!

    Expert AdWords and PPC Services

    • Direct Response Lead Generation Campaigns

      Our Adwords Management is precise in understanding Australian search behaviour and offer laser targeted direct response campaigns that are guaranteed to convert at a higher percentage than your current campaigns. (shhhhh… the secret is in segmentation)

    • Remarketing Campaigns

      There is a difference between remarketing and effective remarketing. We put the thought into constructing remarketing strategies that delivers the appropriate message that drive back pre-qualified past visitor that convert.

    • Brand Awareness and Display Advertising Campaigns

      Need to put your brands stamp on the world? Display advertising can produce amazing results for brands not just in impressions but in a lower cost per acquisitions and a practically limitless source of top level funnel entrances.

    • Facebook PPC Campaigns

      Yes we also run Facebook PPC campaigns and utilise this channel heavily in verticals where it makes sense to do so. A well-constructed Facebook PPC campaign is able to drive results in conversions and reductions in cost-per-conversion to your business.

    • E-commerce PPC and Google Shopping Campaigns

      Ever had to hand write and review 100,000 ads? We have, and it’s worth it in revenue. Get granular with your e-commerce PPC and AdWords campaigns and enjoy long term scalable results.

    Our Strategic Approach

    Client briefing and goal setting

    Delving into your business and understanding your ideal client, your goals and learning about your businesses marketing history.

    Primary Data Analysis

    Researching the data your business has collected, your Google Analytics, your previous PPC and AdWords accounts and specifically looking for low hanging fruit and quick wins.

    Secondary Data Analysis

    Researching your market, your competitors and reviewing industry survey and census data to fine tune the brief and campaign requirements.


    Splitting your campaign targeting into relevant service, product and solution based verticals then slitting again into demographic and geographic campaigns.

    Granual Campaign Build

    1 campaign per segment, 1 keyword per ad group, over 3 ad variations per keyword. This ensures full control over the collected data.

    Data Collection

    Campaign goes live at a recommended initial delivery until statically significant traffic volumes have been achieved allowing us to make informed optimisations.

    Bid and budget weighting to meet goals

    Weight the bids and budgets appropriate to meet the goals set out in the client briefing stage, perform initial optimisation and move to full delivery of any campaigns achieving campaign gaols.

    Begin Regular Optimisation

    Begin campaign maintenance and continue to optimise to meet campaign goals. Set plans in place to handle seasonal demands and competitor pushback.


    Begin working towards the overall achievement of the brands top level strategic objectives.

    Guaranteed To Work

    Don’t get the results you need? If we are unable to reduce your cost per conversion within 30 days of implementing the audit, we will refund you 100% paid for the audit. We rely on long standing, trusted relationships with our clients which is ultimately founded on exceptional results. We are so confident in our expertise and service that we are happy to provide such a bold guarantee.

    Google AdWords Account Audit

    Try us out and see what we would do to improve
    your results!

    Let our Google AdWords Manager and PPC analysts show you exactly what we would do to your account and what strategies we would immediately put into place if you were a client.

    Our AdWords team will perform over 50 account checks including:

    • Account Structure
    • Ad spend wastage
    • Bidding Strategy Review
    • Targeting Methods
    • Opportunities

    No Obligation, No Hassle, No Hard Feelings, Big or Small. Just an honest review of your current campaign from an industry veteran – we’ll even show you some techniques you can implement without us – simply enter your details in the form to begin.

    Click Click Media is Rated 5/5 based on 80 reviews
    on Google and Facebook

    Technical AdWords / PPC Audit

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    Margaret Fisher

    Their patient and calm approach makes us feel comfortable to ask questions (no matter how dumb). We have an ongoing pipeline of work requiring an Internet Marketing partner and we would not think about going anywhere else.

    Ron Newman

    I have found the staff and management of Click Click Media to be friendly, responsive and knowledgeable which has helped us move forward developing our product and communication.

    Michael Lu

    Without a doubt Click Click Media delivered exceptional service in digital campaign management – I can highly recommend Click Click Media and will definitely consider them for future digital marketing with other businesses

    The Click Click Media AdWords Management Difference

    Winning with Google AdWords comes through knowledge and experience.

    Click Click Media is one of the most innovative PPC management companies globally. Our data driven strategies have been proven to maximise results and our systems and quality checks have been developed over many years of tireless ongoing research and development. We have been directly managing PPC campaigns since 2005 and know what works and how to offer the most effective campaigns to match any goal. All our work is completed in house and our clients can contact and speak directly to the staff member working on the account at any time. Not only are we experts in adwords management, we also specialise in everything digital (website design, web development, SEO & many more).

    • Transparent business partner relationship. We show you what your actual Google daily budget is and provide full account access. We also show our management fee as a separate item.
    • All reports are generated directly from Google’s API. We don’t rehash reporting.
    • You speak directly to the person working on your campaign. (There isn’t a queue of sales staff to break through first)
    • All of our staff are Google Qualified Individuals. We are a Google Certified Partner.
    • The Campaign IP is yours. All work we do on it belongs to you.
    • We offer management or consulting only services, it’s entirely up to you.
    • We have a tonne of in house talent most who have been doing AdWords since 2005.
    • Transparent

      Full media disclosure, no hidden costs, no contracts, no outsourcing.

    • Accountable

      Justifiable actions and ownership of delivering results

    • Ethical

      No price gouging, No contracts, No hard sells.

    • Scalable

      Big or small. Our services can grow alongside your business.

    Every Client is a Partner

    We create happy business owners, see for yourself!

    About Our Services

    All services offered though Click Click Media have been thoroughly tested and proven to achieve results in increased profitable sales for our clients.

    Our services are able to provide value through the effective utilisation of state-of-the-art technology, business systems and quality assurance processes and in doing so, are able to pass better results and savings directly onto clients.

    At Click Click Media, we have a tool box of 70+ tactics at our disposal to enhance the effectiveness of our clients return on investment from their digital marketing.