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Leveraging the power of Facebook for business growth

Harness the power of Facebook to drive new business:

  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Facebook Ad Design
  • Custom & Similar Audience
  • Facebook Apps
  • Instagram Ad Management
  • Profile Optimisations
  • Video Advertisments
  • Lead Ads

    Building a business profile on Facebook is now a vital part of your online strategy. Click Click Media works with their clients to provide Facebook advertising and marketing strategies that generate sales and leads as well as complementing their overall online presence.


    If your business is not harnessing the power of Facebook as an advertising and marketing channel yet you are missing out on using one of the highest performing advertising channels of this decade.

    Do you know how your customers use Facebook?

    Facebook is now a part of your customer’s lives and Click Click Media will set you on the right path to begin to use this tool. Click Click Media uses data driven methodology to design nique campaigns that get results in both increased leads and sales.

    Did you know that the overall time spent by people on Facebook is greater than the combined time spent on all other websites on the internet? Regardless of your product, service or industry your customers ARE on Facebook.

    Facebook is a great way of re-engaging your potential clients and allows potential customers to interact with your brand online. Without having a Facebook strategy alongside your online lead generation efforts you are losing potential customers / fans and not giving your prospects an option to re-connect with your brand.

    Facebook Advertising and Marketing Services

    • Lead Generation Campaigns

      Facebook can provide you with a huge pool of prospects and sales if utilised correctly. Click Click Media’s extensive experience working with data can ensure an exceptional ROI from Facebook.

    • Ad Campaign Optimisation

      Be sure that your Facebook Ads are running their absolute best with Click Click Media’s campaign management and optimisation services.

    • Facebook Remarketing

      Re-engage with your website visitors and recapture lost opportunities and build confidence in your brand by utilising one of the most powerful forms of online advertising.

    • Facebook Content Design

      Visuals are powerful on Facebook and yet businesses tend to produce some of the most boring content on Facebook still. Create content on Facebook that gets clicked, liked and shared.

    Our Strategic Approach

    Client briefing and goal setting

    Delving into your business and understanding your ideal client, your goals and learning about your businesses marketing history.

    Social Media Audit

    A deep dive look at your current social profiles discovering any previous results looking for low-hanging-fruit and creating key persona cards.

    Market Research

    Researching your market, your competitors and reviewing industry survey and census data to fine tune the scope and requirements.

    Data Collection

    Report on initial results and revisit the overall strategy to implement qualified data into the plan.

    Ad Campaign Development

    Creating a monthly content plan highlighting strategic methods for delivering marketing messages while keeping to the overall feel of the channel.

    Content Development and Planning

    Creating a monthly content plan highlighting strategic methods for delivering marketing messages while keeping to the overall feel of the channel.

    Campaign Optimizations

    Implement findings into campaigns and strategy; optimise any ad campaigns to improve ROI.

    Campaign Expansion

    Set plans in place to handle seasonal demands, promotions and special offers.


    Begin working towards the overall achievement of the brands top level strategic objectives.

    Guaranteed To Work

    Don’t get the results you need? If we are unable to improve your results by 20% within 30 days we will refund you 100%. We rely on long standing, trusted relationships with our clients which is ultimately founded on exceptional results. We are so confident in our expertise and service that we are happy to provide such a bold guarantee.

    Facebook Marketing Consultation

    Try us out and see what we would do to improve
    your account!

    Let our Facebook marketing experts show you exactly strategies we would recommend for your business and what we would immediately put into place if you were a client.

    During the 20 minute consultation you can expect:

    • Insights to what is working well in your industry
    • Introduction to new technologies available
    • Recommendations and advice
    • Potential improvements
    • Opportunities

    No Obligation, No Hassle, No Hard Feelings, Big or Small. Just an honest review of your current campaign from an industry veteran – we’ll even show you some techniques you can implement without us – simply enter your details in the form to begin.

    Facebook Marketing Consultation

    Simply fill in this form and we’ll get in touch with you asap to book in a Free manual audit of your campaigns.

    Margaret Fisher

    Their patient and calm approach makes us feel comfortable to ask questions (no matter how dumb). We have an ongoing pipeline of work requiring an Internet Marketing partner and we would not think about going anywhere else.

    Ron Newman

    I have found the staff and management of Click Click Media to be friendly, responsive and knowledgeable which has helped us move forward developing our product and communication.

    Michael Lu

    Without a doubt Click Click Media delivered exceptional service in digital campaign management – I can highly recommend Click Click Media and will definitely consider them for future digital marketing with other businesses

    Why Choose Click Click Media for your Facebook Marketing!

    Transparent, ethical online marketing company

    Click Click Media is one of the most innovative PPC management companies globally. Our data driven strategies have been proven to maximise results and our systems and quality checks have been developed over many years of tireless ongoing research and development. We have been directly managing PPC campaigns since 2005 and know what works and how to offer the most effective campaigns to match any goal. All our work is completed in house and our clients can contact and speak directly to the staff member working on the account at any time.

    • Transparent business partner relationship. We show you what your actual Google daily budget is and provide full account access. We also show our management fee as a separate item.
    • All reports are generated directly from Google’s API. We don’t rehash reporting.
    • You speak directly to the person working on your campaign. (There isn’t a queue of sales staff to break through first)
    • All of our staff are Google Qualified Individuals. We are a Google Certified Partner.
    • The Campaign IP is yours. All work we do on it belongs to you.
    • We offer management or consulting only services, it’s entirely up to you.
    • We have a tonne of in house talent most who have been doing AdWords since 2005.
    • Transparent

      Full media disclosure, no hidden costs, no contracts, no outsourcing.

    • Accountable

      Justifiable actions and ownership of delivering results

    • Ethical

      No price gouging, No contracts, No hard sells.

    • Scalable

      Big or small. Our services can grow alongside your business.

    Every Client is a Partner

    We create happy business owners, see for yourself!

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    About Our Services

    All services offered though Click Click Media have been thoroughly tested and proven to achieve results in increased profitable sales for our clients.

    Our services are able to provide value through the effective utilisation of state-of-the-art technology, business systems and quality assurance processes and in doing so, are able to pass better results and savings directly onto clients.

    At Click Click Media, we have a tool box of 70+ tactics at our disposal to enhance the effectiveness of our clients return on investment from their digital marketing.