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  • Reverse Index

    An index of keywords which stores records of matching documents that contain those keywords.

  • Resubmission

    Much like search engine submission, resubmission is generally a useless program which is offered by businesses bilking naive consumers out of their money for a worthless service.

  • ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

    ROAS stands for Return on Advertising Spending and represents the dollars earned per dollars spent on the corresponding advertising. To determine ROAS, divide revenue derived from the ad source by the cost of that ad source. Values less than one indicate that less revenue is generated than is spent on the advertising.

  • Remarketing

    Can be referred to as retargeting, remarketing is a strategy that lets you customise your display ads so they follow people who have previously visited your site. You can also tailor your bids and ads (using dynamic remarketing) to these visitors when they browse the web and use apps. This feature is popular to use in a Display Network campaign.

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