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  • Poison Word

    Poison Words are terms that will immediately reduce the SEO effectiveness of a website by detracting traffic and lowering a site’s rank on search engines. The list of Poison Words isn’t public knowledge and varies from each search engine. Adult-related terminology or gambling-related terms are examples of Poison Words because they will often be filtered in search engine results.

  • Product Listing Ads (PLA)

    PLA is an AdWords’ extension used to promote products on Google’s search engine results page. These ads are set up as Google Merchant Center feeds that allow eCommerce products (not services) to be shown with pictures in the search results on the search network.

  • Product Feed

    The file containing all the details and attributes about the products in your Google Shopping store. It is an automated process allowing ecommerce sites to export all data to an excel, .txt or .xml file. Product feeds can be used to create automatic sponsored links campaigns or dynamic retargeting banners.

  • Play Rate

    A key metric for Video Ads that can tell you how often your video was played by dividing the # of plays by the # of times your ad was shown. The play rate ratio is used to gauge user engagement with your opening image (video ads that require a Click-to-Pay) or your selected video thumbnail (for YouTube-specific video ad formats).

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