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  • Meta Description

    A brief description of fewer than 160 characters of the contents of a page and why someone would want to visit it. This is often displayed on search engine results pages below the page title as a sample of the content on the page. Its main purpose is to get the visitor from Google to click your link, meta descriptions are there to generate clickthroughs from search engines.

  • Metadata

    Data that tells search engines what your website is about, it provides information about a certain item’s content. For example, a text document’s metadata may contain information about the size of the document, who the author is, the date the document was written and a short summary of the document. Web pages include metadata in the form of meta tags. Description and keywords meta tags are commonly used to describe the Web page’s content.

  • Meta Keywords

    Is a meta tag which can be used to provide the search engines with a list of keywords relevant to a page’s topic. The meta keywords tag has minor (if any) impact on search results nowadays. Meta keywords are distinguished from regular keywords because they appear “behind the scenes,” in the source code of your page, rather than on the live, visible page itself.

  • META tags

    Meta tags appear in the page’s code and are snippets of text that describe a page’s content. Meta tags only exist in HTML, “meta” stands for “metadata” – data about the data on your page.

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