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Select Alphabethically

  • Extended Headline

    It is a trick that allows you to create a larger headline by including a period after the last word in the first description line.

  • Exact Keyword Match

    This keyword match type only shows your ad if the searcher typed in the exact term. This is the most restrictive keyword match types, but allows for the most control.

  • Enhanced CPC

    Bidding strategy that allows Google to bid 30% more than your CPC bid in order to achieve a conversion.

  • End Date

    This is a campaign level setting in which you can have a certain end date for a campaign.

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All services offered though Click Click Media have been thoroughly tested and proven to achieve results in increased profitable sales for our clients.

Our services are able to provide value through the effective utilisation of state-of-the-art technology, business systems and quality assurance processes and in doing so, are able to pass better results and savings directly onto clients.

At Click Click Media, we have a tool box of 70+ tactics at our disposal to enhance the effectiveness of our clients return on investment from their digital marketing.