From Surviving to Thriving

April 07, 2021 By Vanessa Valensise

World Health Day is celebrated internationally as it recognises many of the factors that affect human health, including nutrition, mental health, climate change, disease spread, and ecosystem health. These factors play such a significant role in underpinning our biodiversity. Hygiene and health have become more apparent this year with COVID-19 taking the planet by storm. There were a majority of financial repercussions on businesses. “A staggering 68% of these businesses reported that the main factor influencing the number of employees was the inability to find suitable staff. This compares to 60% in December.”Despite the initial setback, Click Click Media lead the way in the digital marketing space. Taking their mission in their stride, they believe ‘every client matters equally, big or small, and to never turn down a challenge.’

‘With over 30 years of shared experience in Google ads, social media, website design, and development as well as a full in-house software team, Click Click Media prides itself on becoming a part of its client’s journey to online success. Working together with their clients during good and bad times, to overcome challenges and celebrate wins.

Having managed thousands of campaigns, tested and re-tested strategies, studied demographics and their needs, wants, behaviour, and expectations across multiple platforms and devices for most industries and verticals, the company brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to their clients. Being premier partners with major brands such as Google and HubSpot, they ensure that their clients have access to insights and trends and be a step ahead of their competition.

Strategists, account managers, and project managers work hard to get to know their clients, their business, their industry, their goals, and objectives, and use this knowledge to deliver results above industry standards.’

Phil Wendell, CEO of Click Click Media comments on the challenges faced by the business. “During Australia’s lockdown, there were challenges faced by many thousands of Australian businesses. I am thankful that we were in a position to be able to provide key support to our clients to ensure they weathered the storm and returned from the lockdown stronger than ever.”

Check out the top sites we launched during COVID-19.

  1. SILK Laser Clinics
  2. Jumping Rascals
  3. Rosie
  4. GRM
  5. Western Sydney Aquatics
  6. Heart On My Sleeve
  7. Katherine Agius
  8. TFO – Tile Factory Outlet
  9. Mate
  10. Pretium
  11. Clementson Drive 
  12. 5th Star Services
  13. Fast Form
  14. International productions
  15. Dolcettini
  16. Catherine Colubriale
  17. Little Boomers Basketball
  18. Gorilla Constructions
  19. Bridgeview
  20. Empire PCG
  21. Synergy Fundraising
  22. Build A Shop
  23. Loganholme
  24. Nuts Galore
  25. Hi-Craft
  26. EVSE
  27. Kirana Online
  28. Kirana Colleges
  29. Industry Skills Training
  30. Insight Training