2 New AdWords Ad Features You Should Be Using

August 01, 2016 By Phillip Wendell

AdWords is constantly changing and it is becoming increasingly important to stay on top of these updates to stay ahead of your competitors. Google has just added two new features to AdWords that is sure to be a popular feature amongst the millions of advertisers.

Price Ad-Extensions

This new feature, which is currently only available on mobile, is called Price Extensions. Adding Price Extensions should be added to the checklist of “things you need to do when uploading an AdWords campaign”. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should have price extensions:

  1. Price Extensions Will Better Qualify Your Search Traffic.

Let’s face it, no-one likes paying for clicks that don’t have a commercial intent. Showing the costs associated with the advertised product or service will ensure that the clicks you get in are more highly qualified and therefore more likely to result in a conversion.

  1. Price Extensions Can Highlight Costs for Service Based Businesses.

Service based businesses never could take advantage of Google Shopping campaigns. But with price extensions, services can now be showcased to customers in a manner similar to the way Google Shopping ads are displayed for products.

  1. Price Extensions Add Extra Ad Real-Estate Making Your Ad Bigger

Compared to other extensions such as call-outs, sitelinks and call’s, price extensions can take up a much bigger chunk of space on potential clients mobile screen.

  1. Price Extensions Can Be Used To Promote Sales and Offers

Marketers and business owners commonly advertise any special promotion on AdWords through display campaigns, new text ads, and new call out extensions. With price extensions, you can directly showcase what products are on sale from the first point of contact in a way that has a stronger first impression than a new call out or different ad text messages.

  1. Easy to setup

For all the benefits of price extension, it is very easy to set up and implement for advertisers. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have price extensions!


adwords price extension screenshot


Expanded Text Ads

We all have experienced writing text ads and having to change our brilliant and creative ideas for headlines and description lines simply because they couldn’t fit the character limit. Now Google has implemented new expanded text ads to advertisers that should allow our creative minds to run free when it comes to writing ads.

With this new format, Google introduced two 30 character headlines, one combined 80 character description and an automatically created display URL from the final URL. For those keeping count, we get an extra line of text for the headline and 10 extra character spaces for our description.

But what does this mean?

Essentially, you get more room to play with when writing text ads and as such, more information can be displayed to the customer. While this can be a great thing for advertisers, it places a greater importance as to what we use to fill up those extra character spaces. Customers generally don’t like being bombarded with text and if advertisers aren’t careful, you could leave yourself open to some dips in CTR.

Only time will tell if these expanded text ads improve things for advertisers.


adwords expanded text ad screenshot


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