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What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads (formally Google AdWords) are the paid advertisements you will find on Google’s website properties such as Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Partner Search Engines, Mobile Apps and Websites that have opted in to be a Google display partner (AdSense).

Google Ads are mostly used by businesses of all sizes to help them sell their products or services. Businesses that use Google Ads can range from local micro businesses to blue chip organisations.

Google Ads are Google’s main form of revenue and due to its effectiveness has made Google $95.4 billion in revenue in 2017.

If you have ever been on the internet you will have run into Google Ads in some form and for a good reason. Google Advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses of all sizes to market their business and the transparency of the data it reports is unrivaled for any media placement you can buy today.

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How Does Click Click Media Help Businesses With Their Google Ads Advertising?

Click Click Media take the guesswork out of advertising a business with Google Ads. Click Click Media help businesses plan their Google Ads campaigns by providing a well-researched and granular plan in the form of a ‘build’. This process ensures that a business will see fast success from their Google Ads Advertising, and the data that is collected is in a clean and usable format.

Once a ‘build’ is complete Click Click Media utilises proprietary software to integrate the build into a live Google Ads account. After this is where Click Click Media’s 10 years of experience with Google Ads comes into play.

It is well known that optimising a Google Ads account will increase its performance, Click Click Media on average are able to gain an extra 100% performance out of a well setup Google Ads account within the first 90 days.

Why Do Business Choose To Use Click Click Media For Their Google Advertising?

Click Click Media provide a ‘conversion focused’ approach to managing Google Advertising campaigns. This means that we focus on actual outcomes not just the campaign metrics.

Businesses chose Click Click Media because it means more revenue and profit, in both new sales and opportunities as well as reduction in wasted ad-spend. With a Click Click Media managed Google Ads account you can be sure that your ad-spend is not being wasted and you are getting the results and advice your business needs to succeed.

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What Google Advertising Services Do Click Click Media Provide?

Click Click Media provides all services around Google Ads Advertising and can accommodate a huge range of scopes.

Top 10 Google Ads Advertising services:

  1. Managed AdWords Accounts
  2. Google Ads Optimisation Services
  3. Google Ads Setup Services
  4. Display Advertising Design
  5. Product Listing (PLA) Ads
  6. Ecommerce Google Ads Campaign Optimisations
  7. YouTube Advertising
  8. Campaign & Landing Page Auditing
  9. Google Ads Training and Coaching
  10. Google AdWords API Automations

We also can work with other performance networks outside of Google Ads services.

What Typically Are The Results From Google Ads Advertising?

The most common charging method from Google is what’s known as ‘pay per click’, this is a small charge you incur from Google every time someone ‘clicks’ on your ads. With a well structured and managed campaign these ‘clicks’ are highly relevant and are real people who are actively searching or browsing for your particular product or service.

This means you can obtain results from a Google Ads campaign can within a few days of going live, or even sooner. With highly qualified and relevant real traffic a business should be able to see leads and sales right from the start of a campaign – the next steps are working with the data you are getting from the campaign to maximise these results, and this is exactly where Click Click Media can provide the most value to a business.

What Are Clients Saying About Working With Click Click Media?

“Click Click Media has been such a pleasure to work with over the past few years. They have cut our CPA by over 70% over 1 year. Very easy to communicate with and they are always available to answer any questions that we have. Such a friendly, honest and reliable team and I highly recommend them!”

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Click Click Media Google Advertising FAQ’s

What Is A Google Ads Premier Partner?

A Google Ads premier partner is a business that has met a set of requirements set out by Google for Google Ads performance, in-house expertise, total ad spend and ongoing education. The ‘Premier’ partner status is only awarded to the very highest performing agencies. Click Click Media was one of the first Google Premier Partner businesses in Australia.

How Much Do I Need To Spend On Google Advertising?

Not as much as you think! A well performing campaign spends only where it is getting ROI. The only set back from having a very small spending Google Ads account is that you do not collect ‘clicks’ as fast as another company that is investing a lot in Google Ads. This means that it can take longer to optimise and get performance gains.

How Does Google Charge For Google Advertising?

Google charges businesses directly for their Google Advertising, either through a credit card or if you have built a credit history with Google via an invoice. Google calculates charges every time an ad is shown online via an ad-action system. This ad-auction system considers the costs you competitors are willing to pay for the same placement and the relevance of the advertisement you wish to show.

What Does Google Ads Management Involve?

Google AdWords Management is the process of working with the Google Ads platform with the goals of maximising results within a set ‘budget’ provided by a client.

Common Google Ads Management tasks include:

  1. Bid optimisations
  2. Advert creation and testing
  3. Ad delivery optimisations and testing
  4. Conversion optimisations
  5. Budget management

All with a focus of continuous improvement in alignment of your business marketing strategy.

How Long Should I Do Google Advertising For My Business?

Google Ads can be run for any length of time, from seasonal campaigns or to support marketing initiatives. However, most businesses that continue to see results from Google Ads continue running them as long as they are ROI positive. Generally, a company that has invested into a long-term Google Ads campaign will continue to grow and as their demand for new leads and sales grows, so does the businesses investment into Google Ads.

What Is The Difference Between Google Ads And SEO?

Google Ads are completely different to SEO. SEO is the optimisation of your website to perform well in organic search queries ‘the results you see in Google that aren’t tagged as ads’. Google Ads appear above these organic search queries and according the latest data get the most traffic from any search query.

This doesn’t mean that a business should not do SEO, SEO remains one of the best ways to drive traffic into your website that you do not have to pay for. While SEO is singularly focused on obtaining these ‘free clicks’, Google Ads management is the focus on paying as little as possible per qualified conversion (lead or sale).

Case Studies

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SILK Laser Clinics

The Situation

SILK Laser Clinics is an Adelaide based laser hair removal and cosmetic injection clinic that was struggling to achieve the results it needed from Google AdWords advertising. SILK had three clinic locations and could not get the results from their campaigns they needed. SILK was achieving a cost per lead from their AdWords campaign around $50 per lead which for their services was way too high to be sustainable.

The Solution

The Solution
Click Click Media reviewed SILK’s campaigns and immediately determined that the structure of the campaign was driving mostly irrelevant traffic, however this was only the start of the problem with numerous ad level, keyword level problems as well.

Click Click Media performed a full rebuild with a granular approach. This meant that SILK’s ads were no longer generic to a clinic but specific to their website visitors search intent. Click Click Media performed countless expansions and optimisations over the next twelve-month period and was able to reduce the cost per lead from $50 to $6.

SILK now had an extremely effective set of campaigns along with a strategy that ensured no high value web search was missed. The campaign rapidly expanded to include more advanced Google Ads services such as YouTube, Dynamic Remarketing and Custom Search Intent.

The Result

SILK Laser Clinics had the power to grow to meet the new demand Click Click Media was able to generate for their business and now has over 28 clinics Australia wide. SILK Laser Clinics is an Australian success story built on the power of Google Advertising.

How can get an estimate for Google Ads for my business?

To get a full proposal on Click Click Media’s Google Ads Management, simply fill in the below form. We will get back to you asap with an initial Google Advertising consultation and estimate.

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About Our Services

All services offered though Click Click Media have been thoroughly tested and proven to achieve results in increased profitable sales for our clients.

Our services are able to provide value through the effective utilisation of state-of-the-art technology, business systems and quality assurance processes and in doing so, are able to pass better results and savings directly onto clients.

At Click Click Media, we have a tool box of 70+ tactics at our disposal to enhance the effectiveness of our clients return on investment from their digital marketing.