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What Is A Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing is a broad term used to define marketing activities and strategies that are delivered through a digital channel. Businesses use digital marketing to connect with and acquire customers, however the individual tactics a business use will vary on the specific objectives.

Unbelievably, the amount of ‘online users’ is still increasing every day and the tactics marketers employ is still expanding. There can be a lot of confusion around the terminology and jargon associated with digital marketing being labelled under a number of names such as internet marketing, online marketing, e-marketing and web marketing to mention a few. Over time however digital marketing has become the most common term used, and the most common term for a business that specialises in providing these services to business is ‘digital marketing agency’.

A digital marketing agency is actively involved in providing the ideas and execution of campaigns to target their client’s online users through digital methods and channels. This can be from simply creating a website so a business’s customers can find them online to creating a wholistic online marketing and advertising campaign.

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What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Digital Marketing Agency?

Simply put, you wouldn’t represent yourself in court when it mattered, you would hire an expert. Digital marketing agencies invest huge amounts of money into the right tactics, staff and specialty tools to be as effective as possible when delivering campaigns to their clients. With most agencies have previous experience in many different industries, by working with them, you get access to their resources and know-how.

Nowadays digital marketing encompasses so many different tactics that people must specialise in a certain discipline. You would not expect a programmer to be able to do the same job as an illustrator and vice-versa. Working with a digital marketing agency you benefit directly from their large pool of speciality resources and can leverage their previous experiences to drive your business better results in terms of more leads, sales and awareness.

Why Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing To Click Click Media?

Click Click Media specialise in performance digital marketing and as such focus primarily on acquisition strategies, 95% of all activities performed on client’s campaigns are to focus on driving leads and sales into client’s businesses. With proven tactics and attention to detail, Click Click Media are rapidly becoming one of Australia’s favourite online marketing agencies for SME’s.

All of Click Click Media’s expertise is in-house, this gives our clients a huge competitive advantage as they do not have to rely on third-party developers or programmers to implement simple tasks. By having this expertise, we can provide the strategy and advertising as well as doing the creatives, technology builds and integrations that are required.

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What Digital Marketing Agency Services Do Click Click Media Provide?

Click Click Media specialises in the following digital marketing tactics but can also cater to a huge range of scopes – if you are looking for a service not listed below, give us a call and we can see if we can accommodate your requirements.

Top 10 digital marketing agency services:

  1. Paid Search Marketing (SEM)
  2. AdWords Management
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  4. Programmatic Advertising
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Facebook Advertising
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Website Design & Development

We also provide all related design and development services.

Why Should A Business Use Click Click Media As Their Digital Marketing Agency?

Click Click Media treat every client like a business partner, our teams primary focus is to create real business outcomes in new leads and sales for our client’s business. We do this by taking a ‘low hanging fruit’ approach where quick wins and performance gains are immediately implemented prior to any strategy that requires a setup or ‘wind-up’ period. Our goal is to achieve ROI for our clients as fast as possible.

Through this approach to our digital marketing services Click Click Media has created dozens of business relationships that have been renewing their digital marketing agency agreement now for over eight years!

Click Click Media know it can be hard for a business to choose a digital marketing partner as often businesses have had bad experiences in the past. At Click Click Media we understand that we have to prove ourselves, if you are considering working with a digital marketing agency, why not throw your toughest challenge our way – we are happy to provide a ‘trial period’ to prove our methodology and professionalism.

What Are Clients Saying About Working With Click Click Media?

“Click Click Media make for a great one-stop-shop when it comes to online marketing. With their knowledge of SEO, SEM, Adwords and web design, Click Click Media come highly recommended.”

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Click Click Media Digital Marketing Agency FAQ’s

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

A real digital marketing agency usually charges some form of ‘retainer’ – this is an agreed fixed rate based on the seniority level, services level agreement and scope of the client’s requirements. These rates can vary hugely depending on the agency themselves, as a rough guide most agencies charge between $70 – $150 per hour.

What Results Should I Expect From A Digital Marketing Agency?

Simply put. A digital marketing agency should be able to project the return on investment they can achieve on a brief prior to being engaged and be able to deliver on it.

Is My Business Ready To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

If your business is ready to grow then yes. A digital marketing agency is an essential hire for any business that has a demand for new leads and sales. Some of the key business problems to look out for when deciding if you need to hire a digital marketing agency are:

  1. Your website and online image no longer represents the business
  2. You are finding it hard to scale the business
  3. Your clients are choosing competitor businesses over yours

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing My Digital Marketing VS Hiring In-House?

  1. You only pay for the expertise you need when you need it
  2. You can work with a team has a diverse range of business experiences
  3. You can hire a full team for the cost of a single mid-level digital marketing employee
  4. You can tap into thousands of hours of r&d that has already been done
  5. You can scale your needs as your business grows easily
  6. You don’t have to worry about staff leaving
  7. Your IP is commercially protected

Most businesses who hire digital marketing staff internally do not realise that the team they are hiring only specialises in a single area of digital marketing. This means that even though you have internal staff, there will still be costs involved for speciality services such as development or integration. By hiring a full-service digital marketing agency like Click Click Media – you will not ever have to worry about incurring additional costs above the agreed amount.

Does Click Click Media Have Lock-In Contracts Or Minimum Terms For Digital Marketing?

Click Click Media are unique as a digital marketing agency, we do not have any lock-in contracts or minimum engagement lengths. Having serviced businesses digital marketing requirements for over ten years we know that if we are able to show businesses great results, they will become long-term clients.

Case Studies

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The Situation

SpouseBusters is Australia’s largest private investigator network that specialises in performing infidelity investigations.

SpouseBusters had experienced the worst six month period in the companies history with leads dropping from twenty a day to five per week and was concerned that the business will not be able to get the leads and sales it needs to stay in business.

The Solution

Click Click Media performed a full digital marketing audit finding that the SpouseBusters website while historically performing well was now out of date and not at all mobile friendly. Alongside the website problems were a history of questionable SEO tactics and numerous poor quality inbound links.

Click Click Media set about re-imagining the brand, with a new look website designed specifically to drive conversions from mobile devices. All the current marketing campaigns were dumped and re-created with new messaging, targeting and imagery.

While the website design and build was underway, Click Click Media’s SEO team were able to remove hundreds of toxic inbound links from the website, fix numerous content issues and plan an entirely new content plan for the website.

Due to the severity of the problem, these tactics all had to be performed simultaneously with no interruption to leads that were currently being generated.

The Result

Click Click Media were able to get an immediate improvement to SpouseBusters leads, but that was only the first stage. The new branding and content were launched and alongside it a whole new marketing message.

Within the first four weeks of the relaunch Click Click Media was able to provide SpouseBusters with a record number of leads and sales.

How can get an estimate on outsourcing my digital marketing requirements?

To get a full proposal on your digital marketing requirements simply fill in the below form. We will get back to you asap with an initial consultation and estimate.

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About Our Services

All services offered though Click Click Media have been thoroughly tested and proven to achieve results in increased profitable sales for our clients.

Our services are able to provide value through the effective utilisation of state-of-the-art technology, business systems and quality assurance processes and in doing so, are able to pass better results and savings directly onto clients.

At Click Click Media, we have a tool box of 70+ tactics at our disposal to enhance the effectiveness of our clients return on investment from their digital marketing.