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What Is Custom Website Design?

Custom website design creates unique brand identities that make your business stand out from the crowd. Too many websites are just ‘carbon copies’ of websites of similar businesses and that is because many businesses run on exactly the same set of templates that web design companies can access at very little cost to build.

Custom website design starts with you, the business owner. Click Click Media’s custom website design service makes their clients part of their team and anything you don’t like, want to change or ideas can be showcased without any need to conform to pre-built, templated elements. This makes your brand shine, makes your online identity something special and your customers will reward your efforts and investment with more enquiries and sales.

With the help of an experienced custom website designer you get the benefit of years of experience and creativity on your project and just as important, knowledge of what will and won’t work towards your websites end goals.

Not only do custom websites look great, because they are purpose build you can customise the workflows, user journeys and really dive deep into integrating the website into your business systems.

Custom designed websites need less updating, run faster, perform better and ultimately make the clients a lot happier with the end result.

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How Is Click Click Media Different To Other Custom Website Designers?

Click Click Media have over 10 years’ experience building custom websites. We have a data-driven and outcomes-based approach at designing custom websites, meaning our designs do not just look pretty – they turn visitors into customers.

Most custom website design companies consider the project finished when the website is put live. At Click Click Media we not only deploy our website but ensure that we perform SEO migrations, perform post-live quality testing and even optimise your chosen host environment.

While Click Click Media’s custom website designers are a cut above the competition, the supporting markup, integration on quality assurance staff are there to make sure that your new custom website stands the test of time. We have an inherent focus on building websites that please Google, we do this by making sure all our websites are not only blazing fast, but strictly coded in accordance with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Why Does Click Click Build Custom Designed Websites?

Click Click Media are an internet marketing company. Sure we could use templates and save ourselves a lot of money for our retained clients, however 10+ years of experience has taught us that you simply do not get the performance you need out of templated designs to keep clients happy. Click Click Media has some of the longest engagements out of any digital agency in Australia – and our focus on quality custom design is a key reason we have kept key clients renewing every month for over 8 years!

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What Custom Website Design Services Does Click Click Media Provide?

Click Click Media provides all services around custom website design and can accommodate a huge range of scopes.

Top 10 custom website design services:

  1. Custom Website Wireframing
  2. Website Design Concepting and Ideation
  3. Website Performance Auditing
  4. Website Conversion Rate Optimisation
  5. Custom CMS Website Development
  6. Custom Ecommerce Website Designs
  7. Custom Ecommerce Checkout Design
  8. Form Capture Design
  9. Website Persona Development
  10. Website Design PSD Creation

We can also create logos and online company identities.

What Are People Using Click Click Media’s Custom Web Design For?

Most clients that chose Click Click Media are looking for a website design company that has a proven track record of providing business outcomes from their custom website design.

Click Click Media’s ideal clients are looking for a custom website that is a cut above their competition and are looking to really push their businesses online identity. The design team at Click Click Media love a challenge and love working with complicated briefs, high stakes design tasks or new and emerging technologies.

Businesses benefit from Click Click Media’s rapid concepting of ideas and visual scoping of new projects along with a 10+ year track record of creating high performing online identities.

What Are Clients Saying About Their Projects With Click Click Media?

“CCM were my knight in shining armour. As a copywriter, words hold more value when surrounded by excellent, functional design. That is exactly what CCM provided. They were also a trusted opinion, a friendly affirmative voice and a kick-arse SEO/SEM expert.”

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Click Click Media Custom Website Design FAQ’s

What do you mean by Custom Website Design?

Unlike some website designers, we do not have any limitations from the development side. Meaning we can be a lot more flexible and custom design each page to best suit the pages content and purpose. Some web design companies are limited to working within pre-built themes or website builders. Click Click Media allows its designers complete free reign on their creativity.

Are Click Click Media’s Custom Website Designs Mobile Friendly?

Most websites these days receive up to 50% of their traffic from mobile devices. Click Click Media have a ‘mobile first’ approach meaning we will often put our concepts forward as the mobile version of the website. By creating a separate design for the mobile experience of the website prior to development Click Click Media is able to showcase and collaborate on this aspect of your website design. Which will soon become the most important part of any website design.

How Much Does A Custom Website Design Cost?

The cost of a custom website design varies a lot depending on how many individual designs are required. Also depending on if the engagement is for a ‘design only’ or a full stack development which will include the designs, coding and deployment. Typically, per page design starts at $600.00 – Full stack custom development for a relatively simple site starts at $3,000.00.

How Long Does It Take To Custom Design A Website?

Any custom-built WordPress website can be broken down into 3 main stages.

  1. Concepting of the design. This is the wireframing of the layout which defines all the key elements on the page, this can take a day or two to finalise.
  2. Styling the wireframe. Specifying the colours, fonts and functionality elements. There is normally a round of collaboration involved here to align these design elements with the clients brief and target personas. 2-3 days to complete.
  3. Final styling, polishing and layering of the design in preparation for development. Half a day usually.

Once these custom designs are finished and approved by the client we are ready to proceed to coding up the website to be integrated into the clients chosen content management system.

Why Should I Custom Design My Business Website?

Custom Design is most popular for established business or serious start-ups for a reason. With full flexibility to create a brand-aligned site, that focuses on the site visitor’s needs, a custom designed website is more effective.

My Boss/Manager Doesn’t Want To Invest What It Costs For A Custom Designed Website.

There are several reasons businesses want to save money on a website design, however most of them are fairly short sighted, here are some key stats to take into consideration:

  1. Custom website designs convert up to twice as many visitors as template website designs.
  2. Custom website designs do not age as fast as template sites meaning you will not be forking out more money to redesign your site for a while.
  3. Your brand will stand out with a custom design, with a standard, template design – your business will just look like everyone elses.

We have several case studies where we have re-designed a website only weeks after a business has deployed their templated website design. Contact our sales team and we’ll show you the reasons and outcomes of these projects.

Case Studies

fab fun logo

Fab Fun

The Situation

FabFun initially worked with Click Click Media, driving targeted traffic to their site via Google Ad’s and SEO. This traffic was sent to the inherited website, built with a template. To grow the business, FabFun wanted to evolve from a backyard party provider to include engagements entertaining children at corporate events, with multiple performers.

The Solution

Click Click Media workshopped with FabFun their existing client base (primarily mums looking for a single party entertainer) as well as their coveted new target audience – event planners and corporate types. With this clear understanding a custom designed site, considerate to each of these personas motivations (target audience types) was produced. A modern site, which focused on demonstrating FabFuns residential and corporate capabilities, with the common theme of bringing joy and happiness to children’s special events allowed the marketing team to drive traffic to pages highly relevant to the target audiences needs. The custom designed site allowed elements to be introduced to website visitors as they needed them (solution to problem, demonstration of credibility, confidence builders/ social proof and calls to action) driving them to enquire.

The Result

FabFun received enquiries from Google, Facebook and Channel 9 within the first thirty days of the custom designed site going live. The conversion rate from traffic that arrived at the site increased from less than 3% to 10.54% This effectively tripled the effectiveness of traffic arriving at the site. Further, the quality of enquiries increased, meaning that the average ticket per event increased.

Australian Training Institute Logo

Australian Training Institute

The Situation

Australian Training Institute is one of Sydney’s most regarded First Aid Training providers. When the initially approached Click Click Media, the situation was evident – ATI was investing tens of thousands of dollars in marketing, but the sites poor design (including booking engine) was not converting traffic effectively. Essentially, the site shoehorned ATIs visitors into a pre-determined experience, not crafter for their unique user’s needs. This represented a cost to the business, both in terms of inefficient marketing, and an administrative overhead. Website visitors, without being able to book effectively, 70%+ of all bookings were phone based.

The Solution

Click Click Media worked with ATI to fully understood ATI’s personas (target audience) and delivered a custom website design for their specific needs. This allowed users to quickly and easily identify courses that were relevant to their experience, their location, their availability and seamlessly book their place.

The newly custom designed website also contained a focus on corporate bookings, as full classes are naturally more profitable for ATI.

The Result

Australian Training Institute now convert website visitors at a significantly higher rate. The enhanced and clean user experience has also shifted bookings away from the phone. Almost 80% of all new bookings occurring via the revamped custom designed booking solution designed by Click Click Media. These outcomes have supported a reduction in marketing spend whilst freeing up staff to build the business rather than answering booking enquiries.

How can get an estimate on my custom website design project?

To get a full proposal on your new custom website design simply fill in the below form. We will get back to you asap with an initial consultation and estimate.

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About Our Services

All services offered though Click Click Media have been thoroughly tested and proven to achieve results in increased profitable sales for our clients.

Our services are able to provide value through the effective utilisation of state-of-the-art technology, business systems and quality assurance processes and in doing so, are able to pass better results and savings directly onto clients.

At Click Click Media, we have a tool box of 70+ tactics at our disposal to enhance the effectiveness of our clients return on investment from their digital marketing.