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Adwords Management

Connect with real customers with Click Click Media AdWords Management!

You have everything ready for your business. You have excellent products and excellent service, yet there is something missing: your customers! It is as if you got everything right but still your customers cannot find you. Now is the time that you use Google AdWords managed by Click Click Media! Connect with real, hot-blooded customers, and not just clicks!


Adwords Management

What in the world is Google AdWords?

Everything is on the internet now. Since potential customers are in the online space, naturally businesses came swarming in, too. With this new space where customers and businesses interact, the traditional marketing tools therefore evolve into becoming online marketing strategies. This is where Google AdWords comes in: to connect those potential customers to your business.

Now called Google Ads, Google AdWords is an online marketing strategy that lets your customers find you whenever they google a related topic or even when they watch Youtube videos. It uses relevant keywords to boost your presence in the online world. By using this strategy, your relevant customers, and not any random people in the internet, can see you. These views can be eventually converted to sales action such as connecting to your business and purchasing your products or services.

How does Click Click Media AdWords Management work?

We are proud of our 10 years of work of managing Google Ads. With our years of experience, we already knew which works and which not. We have helped businesses grow and reach their target market through the following steps:

  • Campaign Analysis

No hard feelings, no flattery, just full honesty. We will evaluate your campaign first by analyzing your historical data. We will point out which on your campaign works and which do not. Then we will customize your keywords, bids, ad text, destination links that align to your goals while spending the minimum.

  • Conversion Tracking

We will give you reports regarding which keywords are most effective in generating most leads and sales conversion. This aspect will be tracked so you can have the most effective and efficient Google Ad campaign.

  • Search Network Advertising

Your search network advertising is also monitored to measure if the search engine ads work effectively. This is also monitored to gauge if the ads convert to website visits or to purchases.

  • Ad Variation and Testing

Since consumer behavior varies, ads, copies, landing pages are tailored and tested to know which one generates most sales conversion. This is an important phase so your Google AdWords investment is all worth it.

  • Maintenance

We will review your campaign regularly and provide you with monthly reports. Monthly maintenance is vital in the success of your campaign so we can know things to improve. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective and efficient campaign with a high return of investment. Our passion is to help your business grow; hence your wise spending and profit growth are important to us. We are available to all your concerns so we are aligned with all the goals and results.

Why choose Click Click Media

Whether this is your first time to use Google Ads for your business or you have used such marketing tool and you are looking for a better campaign, you can trust Click Click Media AdWords Management. Our 10 years of work and thousands of brands and businesses that we helped grow are just testaments of how you can entrust us with your campaigns. With our portfolio, you can be confident that your campaign is in good hands! See our results here!

google starsfrom 19 Clients on Google Click Click Media scored: 4.9 / 5

What Click Click Media AdWords Management can do for you?

Our years of work with companies like startups and even blue chips are just proof that we are confident in delivering successful AdWords campaigns. Here are the campaigns and PPC services we are more than happy to give you:

  • Direct Response and Lead Generations Campaigns

With all our experience, we have studied and are still studying and comprehending consumers’ search behavior, thus we are confident in delivering you a direct response campaign that is sure to generate more conversions than your current campaign.

  • Brand Awareness and Display Advertising Campaigns

Be in front of your customers with our Display Advertising Campaign! With us, you will have the best brand recognition for a minimal investment!

  • E-commerce PPC and Google Shipping Campaigns

Boost your store and your revenue with our ecommerce PPC and AdWords campaigns! Guaranteed that your ads will get sales action resulting in sales boost!

  • Remarketing Campaigns

In our remarketing campaigns, we make sure that your message comes cross more effectively than your current account. We assure you that you will get better conversions and better results with our service.

  • Facebook PPC Campaigns

Facebook is a good venue for advertising because of the time people spend in the platform. We utilize this space to get you most conversions in the lowest cost-per-conversion expenditure.


Now that you know what Click Click Media can do for you and your business, this is your time to move! Try us out and see what we can do to improve your results. Connect with us now and let our Google AdWords Manager and PPC analysts show you how we can improve your account and how you can get the results you wanted!

Our AdWords team will perform over 50 account checks including:

  • Account Structure
  • Ad Spend Wastage
  • Bidding  Strategy View
  • Targeting Methods
  • Opportunities

No strings attached. Receive a full and honest account assessment from an industry veteran, Click Click Media! Just type in your details in the form below.

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